fine furniture school
and workshop

Who We Are

In The Grain Workshop is a fine furniture school. We teach a hybrid style of woodworking where the initial rough work is done via machines
and the refinement of our pieces are completed with hand tools.

In The Grain Workshop strives for a practical approach to woodworking. We aim to instill time tested techniques passed down from master woodworkers. We will take advantage of modern methods, machines and materials to teach new skills to create fine furniture.

Our Instructors:
Steven Der-Garabedian is a graduate of Rosewood Studio, a multiple seminar presenter and contributing author with Canadian Woodworking and home Improvement Magazine. With over 20 years of woodworking experience he has taught at woodworking clubs, colleges and has provided students with one on one instruction. He continues to design and make furniture for clients. [ read more… ]

Our WorkShop

In our Workshop, benches and tools are included in all classes. Available for rental on a daily or weekly basis.

In The Grain Workshop Courses

In The Grain Workshop offers full-time courses ranging from one week to six months as well as evening and weekend courses for the hobbyist. Included in our programs are basic woodworking, skill building, tool making and various specialty courses.


In The Grain Workshop offer bench and tool rentals for those with a passion for the craft but without the space to work. Although bench rentals include the use of a limited hand tool kit, we recommend you bring your own tools.

Power tools are available at an hourly rate which includes supervision but time is always limited and students taking part in classes will have first priority.


Our power tools include typical woodworking machines: a bandsaw, table saw, jointer, thickness planer, drum sander, router table and rounding out the collection is a drill press complete with a dust collector and air cleaner.

The cream of the crop are our hand tools which we customize to best suit our style of work. Sometimes it is just a matter of sharpening and other times it is starting from scratch and making your own tools. These tools include a variety of hand planes, both metal and wood, chisels, mallets, knives to name just a few.


One of our most used tools is something that most woodworkers don’t even think twice about. No matter what tools you use throughout the day inevitably the one you come back to and use all the time is your bench. Holding your work is key to doing a better job of planing, chiseling, joinery and many other woodworking tasks. Our Veritas maple slab benches give us many options as far as clamping including a full width twin screw vise with symmetrical dog holes down the length of the bench. The tail vise and the sheer weight of the bench, gives you a solid base and workhorse to do great work.

Working Space

The working space at In The Grain Workshop is divided into two rooms. We will spend about a third of our time in the machine room working on rough lumber and some initial joinery work. Since we teach a hybrid style of woodworking, the bulk of our time will be spent in the bench room expending creative energy refining our work, collaborating and feeding off fellow students.

The machine room is equipped with professional woodworking equipment which includes a band saw, table saw, router table, drum sander, jointer, thickness planer and a drill press. We use these machines as shop apprentices for grunt work.